Heat vs Cold

My personal experience

CRPS is a difficult disease to use any one method of treatment for.

In my experience the use of heat on one area on one day can be beneficial but the next day, week, month it might aggravate the same area and send it into flare-up.

Cold for me is only to be used when the burning is beyond bearable. When the pain is excruciating sometimes applying cold will shock it into a different level of pain and will be easier for me to tolerate.

Heat for me has always been my saving grace. I was told soon after diagnosis that with CRPS I needed to move it or lose it and that heat would be my friend.

Moving it hurt like nothing I had ever felt before. The pain was exhausting but I soon discovered that if I could keep heat attached to the affected areas then I could continue to move more normally. As the disease spread my ability to hold the heavy wheat bags in place was becoming increasingly more inhibiting than the pain.

I slowly developed my wearable hot/cold pads. I tried many grains in varying combinations before I landed on the recipe I use today. The heat the grains produce penetrates deeply into the muscle and soothes the pain in my muscles, bones and nerves. I sleep at night with a heat pad under my legs as they seem to increase in pain at night.

There are so many benefits to both heat and cold. I will discuss these in future posts.

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